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About the Author

Tatiana Tierney

Hello, I’m Tatiana Tierney, a writer based in Galway, Ireland and author of  the romance fiction novel, “A Thread of Secrets”. I believe we are all born with the ability, not only to experience life, but also to share it with others.

Many people do it in the form of art, craft, music, writing, etc. As long as I can remember, I had a tendency to write. My restless thoughts would go down on a page and then disappear because of my hesitancy to show it to anybody.

There were many diaries and stories written and then they were gone with the wind. My soul, I guess, was trying to find a way to express itself.

For the last twenty years, I was fortunate enough to have lived in five different countries and to travel to many more. The ability to observe, learn and imagine helped me to create this wonderful story.

After moving from England to Ireland and settling down with my husband, Niall in 2014, the story of this novel got its foundation.

The next few years were challenging, but the fortunes of fate only encouraged me to stay strong, keep going and believe in better. When I started to write, I didn’t think that my work would be published.

My thoughts were deep in creating life for my characters and, through this process, I was re-discovering myself as well. English is not my native language, but this challenge didn’t put me off, it actually improved my writing skills.

The story behind this novel was in my head for years, but it was only during 2023 that my writing became intensive, particularly in the summer months.

The writing world, which I dived into with relish, taught and guided me every day. It was, and still is, exciting, inspiring and very healing.

Welcome everyone into the life of Grace, who is the main character in this story. There are so many secrets in each life. We all have them OR they have us?! That is what Grace’s story is about – to discover the thread of many secrets. Where they begin and end. Do they ever end?

My debut novel “A Thread of Secrets” is available to order in paperback, hardback and as an e-book in pdf format. E-Book format is only available to purchase on this website. Also, please check other options in the Shops to buy the book e.g. Kenny’s Bookshop offers International shipping from €2 to the UK and other countries.

Huge thanks to all shops who kindly took my book onto their shelves!

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With love and gratitude to all.


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"Nobody owns the truth.
Truth owns everybody"


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