A Thread of Secrets
Romance Fiction Book

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A Thread of Secrets Book by Tatiana Tierney

A Thread of Secrets
Romance Fiction Book

Available Now! Shipping worldwide

A Thread of Secrets

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Plot of the Book

Romance Fiction

A Thread of Secrets by Tatiana Tierney, a romance fiction book set against the backdrop and turmoil of Indian Independence and the decline of the British Empire through to the swinging 1960s, this is the story of a young woman called Grace who was raised by her grandmother in England.

Grace courageously navigates the trials and turbulence of her life, experiencing love, a troubled marriage, betrayal, loss and hopelessness. In the midst of all of this, Grace uncovers shocking family secrets.

What are these secrets? Will they bring answers to the torment that Grace has experienced? Will the revelation of the secrets bring Grace inner peace or tempt her to take the road to retribution?

A Thread of Secrets is about Grace’s perseverance in the face of adversity and a tale of coming full circle.

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Tatiana Tierney-A self-published author based in Galway, Ireland-Book

About the Author

Tatiana Tierney

Hello, I’m Tatiana Tierney, a writer based in Galway, Ireland and author of “A Thread of Secrets”. I believe we are all born with the ability, not only to experience life, but also to share it with others.

Many people do it in the form of art, craft, music, writing, etc. As long as I can remember, I had a tendency to write. My restless thoughts would go down on a page and then disappear because of my hesitancy to show it to anybody.

There were many diaries and stories written and then they were gone with the wind. My soul, I guess, was trying to find a way to express itself.

For the last twenty years, I was fortunate enough to have lived in five different countries and to travel to many more. The ability to observe, learn and imagine helped me to create this wonderful story.

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A Thread of Secrets Reviews

“A Thread of Secrets is a poignant and emotional story of Grace, a young English woman of Irish descent, who has to endure the trials of an unhappy marriage and family secrets amidst the difficult time of the WW2 and Indian independence movement. The turns of events throw Grace from one path to another as she seeks the truths that are only revealed at the very end. The ending is ultimately touching and heart-warming.I enjoyed reading the story. It left me wanting to read more, to learn what happens next. The writing is beautiful and easy to read.I found some resemblance with the Secret Garden in terms of the settings: from verandahs and lavish living of the Raj in India to English mansions with beautiful gardens (and secrets). The story of Grace’s marriage and love life reminded me a little of The Duchess. If you love stories like these two, you will most likely enjoy reading A Thread of Secrets.”
Lana Taylor, Ireland


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