The Book Cover

The book cover always speaks first even before people read the blurb and learn about the story. Many books have been judged by their covers. That is why I took it seriously and hired a professional to design the cover for my debut novel. I was fully satisfied with the work, but there was a question at the back of my mind “Will the readers like it? Will they understand it like I do?” I was thrilled to receive the answer to my first question, yes, readers like the book cover very much. Thank you, dear readers, for your feedback and kind words. I treasure every one of them. It seems that you understand the cover and don’t need an explanation, but for those who would like to learn more, I decided to make this post.

The mandala on the book cover is a symbol of the universe, circle of life, a sacred journey to enlightenment, finding peace within and self-realisation. You will see one half of a mandala on the front of the book and another half on the back. That is how it connects and becomes a full mandala. “A Thread of Secrets” is about Grace’s perseverance in the face of adversity and a tale of coming full circle. You also will see half of a mandala on the inside cover of both the paperback and hardback.

The envelope on the book cover is there because that is how Grace will receive news with shocking secrets from the past; in a letter. And you see faded writing on the background of the cover.

The Hawthorn tree symbol on the spine of the book plays an important role in this story too. I love Hawthorn trees; Niall and I planted three of them in our garden. Our trees bloom with deep pink, almost red, flowers. We chose this type of Hawthorn because our house is surrounded with native Irish Hawthorns which bloom with white-pinkish flowers. We wanted to add a splash of colour in our garden and the combination of all of them when they bloom is stunning. Please follow me on social media where I will show you pictures and will make a video of the Hawthorn blooming this year on my YouTube channel. You will learn more about the Hawthorn from reading my novel.

I came up with the quotation “Nobody owns the truth. Truth owns everybody” at the end of writing my novel. It actually helped me to realise something when I was repeating it over and over again. This short quotation has a very deep meaning and can take you into the world of self-discovery. There are so many secrets in each life. We all have them or they have us?! That is what Grace’s story is about – discovering the thread of many secrets. Where they begin and end. Do they ever end?

“A Thread of Secrets” is a romance fiction novel. The main character, Grace, will take you on a journey through her life which is full of unexpected turns of both love and tragedy.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about my novel or if you would like to leave a review.

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