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This month I’m talking to the debut author, Tatiana Tierney, who lives in Galway. She has just launched her book,

 ‘A Thread of Secrets’ and it’s the story of Grace who is raised by her grandmother in England and how she experiences love, a troubled marriage, betrayal, loss, and hopelessness. Grace eventually uncovers a thread of shocking family secrets.

Tatiana grew up in Russia. She emigrated to England in 2005, met her husband, Niall, in London and they came to Ireland in 2014. She started writing her novel in 2018, though the idea for the book was bubbling in her head for years, as is often the case. I spoke to Tatiana just after her recent launch and started by asking her how she came to write the book.

Tatiana: ‘Writing for me is a therapy. I started to write this story about Grace from 2018, when I gradually became unwell, particularly from 2020 onwards. The idea of the plot of my novel was growing in my head for years. It started with listening to stories from my husband, Niall. He told me all about his family history, which, to me, back then around 2011-2012, was fascinating enough to make a movie. However, because we were moving from one country to another, I couldn’t focus on anything. I had my travel blog in the UK and then I had a YouTube channel about our travels. It’s when we settled in Galway that I could finally gather my thoughts, but again my health issues were taking away my focus.’

Eleanor: Focus is so important in writing, particularly a big project like a novel – it takes such energy. How did you find that focus and energy?’

Tatiana: ‘First, I started to meditate. When my mind slowed down, I began to think more clearly. I decided to come back to my first draft which I wrote in Russian a few years back. For one reason or another, and surprisingly for myself, I found it easier to write in English with all the challenges it gave me. I noticed that writing was good for me. I guess the pressure I endured regarding my health issues was turned into writing challenges. I grew up in a tough environment where challenge was your daily meal, whether you liked it or not. So, I was not afraid of challenges. Together, the meditation and writing helped me to manage my health issues.’

Eleanor: That is interesting. You’re saying writing was your medicine. And so, you ploughed through and eventually finished your novel?’

Tatiana: Yes. During spring of 2023, and particular throughout the summer, I went through intensive writing. That’s when the manuscript was re-written again and again while I was working with two editors. And during that time, my health had improved. So, yes, for sure, writing is my doctor. It helped me mentally a lot. Plus of course meditation, a positive outlook on life, long walks, and connection with nature. I love children, animals and helping others.

Eleanor: It’s a wonderful achievement especially with all the challenges you had to face with your health and as you say, writing in English, which is not your first language. You’re a good example of how writing can be therapeutic. And I’ve read about the healing properties of writing and that there can be enormous benefits.’

Tatiana: ‘Yes, I believe that writing can help mentally and improve your health. I would recommend this exercise to everyone.’

Eleanor: ‘Are you working on anything else at the moment?’

Tatiana: ‘I have many other stories which are not published and may never be published, but I just like writing them. I never had a goal to become a published author. It’s just happened. I guess, when you do what you love, it makes your dream come true without you even pushing it. Just keep writing.’

Eleanor:Just keep writing – that is good advice Tatiana – you never can tell where you’re writing will take you. Congratulations on the book and I hope we will see more from you in the coming years.’

Tatiana’s book, ‘A Thread of Secrets’ is available on www.tatianatierney.com Free shipping in Ireland.

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This interview was published in Glanmire Area News in County Cork, Ireland.

Eleanor O’Kelly-Lynch is an author, living in Glanmire. Her novels, ‘The Girl with Special Knees’ and ‘The Girl with Stars in Her Eyes’ are available on www.eleanorokellylynch.ie

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