Tatiana Tierney

The Book Cover

The book cover always speaks first even before people read the blurb and learn about the story. Many books have been judged by their covers. That is why I took it seriously and hired a professional to design the cover for my debut novel. I was fully satisfied with the work, but there was a […]


These are acknowledgments for “A Thread of Secrets” I am grateful for the life my parents gave me. They left me too early and embarked on another journey, but I am sure they are happy and watch over me from wherever they are. I wouldn’t be where I am now if not for their love, […]

“A Thread of Secrets” The Prologue

Tatiana Tierney-A self-published author based in Galway, Ireland-Book

From where she sat on the wooden bench under a hawthorn tree, Grace tried to gather her restless thoughts, observing her garden. A gentle breeze caressed her dark, slightly grey hair. She was forty‑seven years old but thought the many wrinkles on her face and her pale complexion made her look older. A dreadful nightmare […]